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Unity Web Player for Windows

Plug-in for amazing 3d graphics on the web

Unity Web Player is a plug-in for your browser that allows you to play games and watch great 3D content developed with the Unity game engine.

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  • Really impressive online graphics
  • Lets you play lots of cool free games


  • For fast use, needs a good internet connection


Unity Web Player is a plug-in for your browser that allows you to play games and watch great 3D content developed with the Unity game engine.

Play incredible 3D games from your browser

You've probably know Adobe Flash, which for years has allowed you to see some pretty cool things in your browser, while being an almost constant security threat with far too regular update notifications. The Unity Web Player is a huge leap beyond Flash, allowing for detailed, smooth 3D graphics we're used to seeing only in standalone games. It works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Unity itself is a tool for developing 3D games on all platforms, and the web player does not mean you can play any Unity developed program from your browser. This extension allows you to view web content created in Unity. There are, however, lots of really impressive games you can play in your browser if you install this.

High end graphics do have a cost

There is little to criticize about the Unity Web Player. Maybe the worst thing about it is that the high-end graphics mean some games will be pretty heavy on system resources, and you might need quite a good internet connection to load them up quickly. However, the plug-in is highly recommended as you won't have seen games that look this good running on a web page before.

An excellent and unintrusive extension

Installing Unity Web Player lets you play some super cool games in your browser, and it's unintrusive, auto updating quietly in the background, unlike some other, more famous technologies.

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Unity Web Player


Unity Web Player 5.3.8

User reviews about Unity Web Player

  • Beto Oteb

    by Beto Oteb

    Unity is not working. I used to play games with unity sudendly my laptop froze after that unity stop work, then i. Did downloaded it agMore

  • by Anonymous

    Good idea, but not yet perfect.. Of the games I have played that utilizes Unity there HAVE been a fair number of stability issues and aMore

  • by Anonymous

    sami . nice and good and like it help eetc

  • by Anonymous

    It's worse than a total waste of time.. It's a piece of crap. It not only crashes but will crash your computer if you use it very much.

  • by Anonymous

    Its stupid. I dont see it working.I mean that it isnt opening everytime. Cons: it needs to work on games

  • by Anonymous

    It doesn't improve anything that i need after downloading x2. I have now tried to download x2 and nothing was improved. I cannot rate sMore