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Help & Info about Unity Web Player for windows

  • What is Unity Web Player?

    Unity Web Player is a plugin that allows some Unity-based games to be played online in an internet browser. Although the software is no longer developed or supported, Unity continues to make it available for download.
  • Is Unity Web Player free?

    Yes, the plugin continues to be free: There is no fee to download and use it. In addition, all features are available in the free version, so there are no hidden costs associated with upgrading the software.
  • Do I need it?

    Unless you are playing an older web-based Unity game, it’s unlikely that you will need this plugin. Modern Unity web games no longer require this plugin to work as they can now be delivered using WebGL. In addition, this plugin may become less useful as browsers continue to discontinue support for it.
  • Is Unity Web Player safe?

    Yes, this plugin is generally considered very safe. Unity Technologies, the developer of this software, is a large and reputable company. In addition, there have never been reports of this software containing unwanted or malicious programs.
  • Does Unity Web Player work on Mac?

    Yes, the legacy version of this plugin continues to work on Mac operating systems. When using this plugin to play games on a Mac, it’s best to use Safari, Apple’s internet browser designed for Mac computers. It’s expected that Apple will eventually discontinue support for this plugin, however.
  • How often is Unity Web Player updated?

    This plugin is no longer updated and is considered a legacy product, meaning Unity Technologies will no longer support or develop it. After the final version of this software was released in 2015, Unity transitioned to using WebGL to deliver games via the web.
  • How do I enable Unity Web Player?

    In Internet Explorer, the plugin can be enabled and disabled via the Manage Add-ons screen. To reach this screen, simply click on the settings gear icon and select Manage Add-ons. To enable the plugin in Safari, select Preferences from the main menu, and then select Extensions. From that screen, click on the checkbox to enable the plugin.
  • What games use Unity Web Player?

    Several online game sites feature Unity web games, including some older games that use this plugin. Any older web games made with Unity will require this extension – that includes most games made with Unity 5.3 and earlier. As of version 5.4 of Unity, this plugin was no longer supported, so games made after 2015 will most likely not require its use.
  • Why doesn't Chrome support Unity Web Player?

    In 2015, Chrome chose to discontinue support for all NPAPI plugins. With that change, this plugin became unusable in the browser. If you’d like to play a game that only supports this plugin, switch to Internet Explorer or Safari if using a Mac.
  • Why does Unity Web Player not work?

    If you are experiencing problems using this plugin, it’s most likely because your internet browser no longer supports it. Numerous browsers – including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others – have discontinued support for this plugin. If you find the plugin crashing, consider switching to an older version of your browser or changing browsers completely.


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